Best Stuttering Treatment 2019 for Adults

Best Stuttering Treatment 2019 for Adults

Here's Why the Very Best Stuttering Treatment In 2019 for Adults Who Are Professionals Is the Pro90d Smooth Speech System

There are many stammering or stuttering treatment options out there.  Many have very impressive credentials, super star support, and solid statistical data to back up their organizational claims.  In addition, some even make promises or elude to promised results.  

Pro90d has an entirely different approach and focus.  Here are two important reasons...

REASON #1. We don't rely on organizational approved credentials to support the basis and success of our approach.  While I certainly would not want and unlicensed doctor to operate on me, there are cases where science, personal experience and client experience come together to form a legitimate and trusted treatment approach.  

Pro90d is very much founded upon solid science: Neuroplasticity, Observational Learning, and Habit Formation just to name a few.  Every aspect of our Daily Practice Routine and Proactive Speaking Skills training can be supported by these fields of study.  Equally important is the fact that professionals like you have tested them and will attest that they have had a long-term transformational effect on them. 

We don't provide statistical data because we would be comparing Apples with Oranges.  Our clients by and large tend to be ambitious professionals.  So success for them is not measured by traditional therapeutic standards of fluency.  Their success is measure by their ability to speak at least as smoothly, clearly and confidently as their colleagues or better.  Additionally, our clients measure part of their success by how confident they feel in their ability to speak well in any speaking situation.  These factors are largely subjective and can vary greatly from client to client. 

Pro90d's goals are different, our standards are higher and therefore our process is a bit more challenging than traditional programs.  We are best suited for the professional who demands excellent speech rather than just overcoming stuttering.  

REASON #2. We don't make false claims of curing or eliminating stuttering in days, weeks or months.  Instead our focus is on "replacing" stuttering with smooth, clear and confident speech.  We focus on helping professionals transform their speaking identities so that they are not technique-driven (weird sounding breathing techniques), but are instead truly transformed from the inside out.  They see themselves as excellent speakers and so do those around them.  

We let clients know that the system works IF and WHEN they work the system.  This is not a delegation of our responsibility, but is our way of empowering the client by helping her take 100% responsibility and control over her speech transformational journey.  

Who Can Benefit the Most From Pro90d?

The Pro90d Smooth Speech System was developed for professionals who have a deep and burning desire to more fully realize their potential.  They understand that their speech is the one thing holding them back.  Pro90d is great fit for those who understand that their speech can be one of their most valuable assets if developed properly.  

I had a deep passion to serve others.  I loved to teach and advise others (my friends didn't like this too much growing up).  However, the problem was I just couldn't do it at the level I wanted because of stuttering.  My speech was just too unpredictable.  Eventually, it became very clear to me that if I were to ever be truly fulfilled and as productive as I wanted to be, I would have to find a way to transform my speech.  This realization eventually led me to the founding principles of the Pro90d Smooth Speech System.  

There are many amazing speakers out there who have overcome stuttering.  But not every great speakers is a good coach. 

There are many awesome programs available to choose from.  But not every awesome program is designed for professionals who want to transform their speech AND mindset.

There's a reason why doctors, scientists, engineers, accountants and other such professionals from around the world choose Pro90d.  It's because Pro90d is the very best stuttering treatment available IF you want to become an excellent speaker and experience a complete transformation from the inside out.  

Below you'll find a couple of updates from clients: 

My name is Dr. Ismail Bhorat and I am a physician and Fetomaternal Specialist. I was recently awarded a 2nd Ph.D. ( Senior Ph.D. or equivalent to a Doctor of Science D.Sc) in fetal-maternal cardiology. There was a lot of hype around this where I had to give many interviews. I sincerely want to thank you Michael and the pro90D system for giving me the confidence and ability to speak smoothly and clearly in articulating my thesis in these interviews. Thank you for transforming my life in this beautiful journey to smooth and confident speech.

—Dr. Ismail

Here's an example of a very specific presentation strategy being applied...

As a doctor, I am required to share information not only to patients but to colleagues and other paramedical professionals as well. I used to read my presentation because it lessened my anticipation of a difficult word.

With Michael’s coaching of V.I.C. (this is an expert presentation tool we use to help professional stay focused and present well), I was able to present without looking at my notes or slides. I was just focused on extending, inflection, air flow linking and how to be relax as I presented.

—Dr. Jeanette 

Today, after taking the Pro90d self-study course and private coaching with Michael Williams, it gives me an immense joy to share that I have become so good at telephonic conversations that I give training to my juniors over calls.

A year back I hosted an official event of 400 people and I now have started my own YouTube channel where I face the camera effortlessly. And that’s not it. Over the last 2 years, there have been at least 4-5 instances when my colleagues have personally complimented my speech and have chosen me to be the speaker on multiple occasions.

A few years back I would not have even imagined doing this, but today I am confident enough to take up new speaking challenges and every time I succeed, it makes me more confident than I was before.


If you're a professional or professional-minded and are tired of struggling with your speech and living beneath your potential and are ready to take your speech and life to the next level, then let's talk.  "I'm Ready to Have My Free and Private Conversation With You, Michael."

You may also want to check out this awesome audio course with a downloadable app. 

Best Stuttering Treatment - Adults | ABCs of Smoother Speech

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