A Complete Guide to Using Breathing Techniques to Take Relaxing to a Whole New Level

How do breathing techniques help with and enhance your mental, physical and spiritual states? 

How can they (breathing techniques) supercharge your ability to become a more relaxed person?

Here's the snippet of a complete guide answering those questions and many more.  You can get the complete guide absolutely free by clicking the link below. 

Breathing Techniques: A Guide to the Science and Methods

Breathing is part of our body’s master blueprint for regulating the body’s rhythms. Yet how often do we take breathing for granted?

Short ragged breath rhythms will both reflect our emotional state and cause us to grow frantic, stressed, and unfocused. Slow, even breathing, on the other hand, will signal that we are calm and relaxed, therefore slowing our heart rate and allowing us to more easily focus our attention.

Due to the record levels of stress and anxiety throughout the developed world, many individuals aren’t living their healthiest lives, even when they work hard at dieting, exercising, and achieving a balance.

This stress frequently causes improper breathing.

However, it’s also something that we can mastered on an individual basis with slow, steady breathing through the nose.

Attentive breathing is one way someone can send signals to their body. With the speed and depth of our breath, we are telling our bodies what we are feeling, as well as what our priorities are at the time.

This means that breathing affects all the aspects and levels of our mood, from stress level to blood pressure and immune functionality.

As we inhale, we draw in oxygen (O2). As we exhale, we push out carbon dioxide (CO2).

Our bodies require a balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide. This means that we can also run into problems when our carbon dioxide levels are too low. Proper breathing techniques help us to maintain a proper balance.

Read the complete article here:  Breathing Techniques: A Guide to the Science and Methods


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