How Michael Williams, Pro90d Founder, Produces 1 Audio Course per Week Using Soundwise -

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In this article,  How Michael Williams Produces 1 Audio Course per Week Using Soundwise, Soundwise explains how I use Soundwise to create content.  If this is something you're interested in doing this would be an excellent resource to check out. 

Here's snippet of that article, but you can read the entire article by clicking the link above or below this article. 

Online education is big business; from eBooks to video courses, and audio courses, there are a ton of ways to share your expertise. Of course, just because you have plenty of options doesn’t mean that they’re all right for you, or that it is any easier to create content and get it out in front of your audience. 

In fact, there are thousands of teachers stuck in the content creation phase, fighting with perfectionism and holding back from giving their audience the content they’re waiting for. Michael Williams has cracked the code to fast content, and since finding Soundwise, has put out hundreds of hours of audio content his audience loves and readily listens to. We recently sat down with him so we could share with you how he has become so prolific on Soundwise. 

 But First, Who is Michael Williams? 

Read the entire article here: How Michael Williams Produces 1 Audio Course per Week Using 



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